Xena is a Goddess

I love Xena!

(and Gabrielle too.)

Xena embodies all that is good in humanity; loyalty, valor, compassion, friendship, strength and beauty.

The Xena Comic

Visit the Kallisto Page, if you are stout hearted enough to face the Queen of Evil!

Greetings Xenites!

Xena's new episodes have been spectacular. I hope they keep up the good work.

Keep sending me E-mail. I've heard from many Xenites and have added links for the people who requested them.

Pictures from TV Guide

The Cover

Lucy in a beautiful dress

Gabrielle and Xena

Xena leaning up against a piece of wood!

Xena sound samples (.wav files).

Xena and a big piece of wood (Herc).

Lucy on Entertainment Tonight.

Don't touch my horse!

Renee talks about Lucy.

Pictures of Xena:


Who? Me?



Knife to the neck

Lucy Lawless

Xena and Marcus

Xena Poster

Xena on the set

Trading Card

Poster for Xena and Hercules shows

Xena and Gabrielle

Xena as a belly dancer

Large close up

Gabrielle talking to Aiolus

Xena B/W close up

Super Lucy, at home

Lucy Lawless

Gabrielle close-up

Xena with chakra

Xena with sword

Xena and Drako

A sentimental Xena

Xena and Gabrielle on chariot

Feminine Xena with villagers

Xena on horseback

Xena Links:

Jamie's Xena Page.

The Official Xena site.

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